If you just finished your Open Water Course or you have done it a long time ago, the Advanced Open Water is the next step in your Diving Journey. Perth and the Western Australian coast offers many opportunities for diving and refining your skill. Get ready for the next step with Bucket List Diver.
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Thanks to the Advanced Course you will be able to:

  • Navigate with and without compass
  • Dive to 30 meters with an equally qualified buddy
  • Explore the Underwater World at Night Time

The Advanced Course is a full-on 2-day course in a small group of 3 to 4 students. It is composed of 5 dives. With the PADI Advanced course, students are going to cover 5 adventure dives with a theme for each one. Among those dive, we will have to do a Deep Dive and Navigation Dive. Because it is very fun, we also offer the night dive in our course.

As during your Open Water, you will first have to complete the theory with the PADI Digital Pack. But no worries it is much simpler than the Open Water Course, as more of the training is practical.

For the first day of diving we will start with one of our elective dive (PPB, Photography, Fish Id), then do a Navigation Dive. After each dive, we will go through a debriefing to review issues and give advice. We will take some time in the afternoon to go through the theory and correct the Knowledge Reviews. In the evening, we will meet for our Night Dive.

On the second day, we will embark for a couple of dives to Rottnest Island. We will start the day with our Deep Dive, have a BBQ lunch and go for an another elective dive, completing the Advanced Course.

At the end of the day, you'll be a PADI Advanced Scuba Diver, ready to add a million experiences to your bucket list.

The Advanced Course cost is $450 and include:

  • Digital Pack, with Classroom correction
  • Equipment rental, scuba tank and air fills for the entire course
  • 3 shores dives and 2 dives in Rottnest Island
  • Certification fee are included
  • Night Dive and Torch
  • No equipment sale will be push or forced on you, we will only offer recommendation if you ask during the course

You'll have to be:

  • Open Water Diver (PADI or any other agency)
  • 15 years old
  • Complete a medical form
  • Access to your own car (we can organise car sharing if requested)

Advanced Course (Classroom)


  • Digital Pack, with Classroom
  • 2-3 Days Course
  • Dive to 30 meters
  • 3 Shore Dives and 2 Boat Dives
  • All inclusive
  • PADI Certification