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What events are happening with Bucket List Diver?

April has been a great month for us with our arrival on Trip Advisor! If you have been diving with us and had a good time feel free to give us a review over there! May is a going to be full of events for our dive community as Bucket List Diver is preparing a […]

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Bucket List Diver presents two new NASE Open Water Divers

Damon and Grayden were looking to do their Open Water Diver Course during their tight schedule. Thanks to Bucket List Diver 2-day Open Water Course and NASE e-learning program the were able to enrol Saturday and start the course on Tuesday! Both were keen crayfisherman, with years of experience catching lobster while freediving. They wanted […]

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Photo Gallery of the last dives

We have been diving quite a lot this week. Enjoying the good weather and more likely hiding from the sun. I wanted to introduce some of the pictures of this week, if you have been diving with us there is a good chance you will find yourself in it. A dive at the Grain Terminal […]


The Six Rules Of Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving comes with a few rules to keep you safe. During your Open Water course, you may have read them through your books but you might not have seen them gathered in the same place. NASE teaches this rules as the base of scuba diving and I decided to share them with you. So bookmark […]