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If you already have a scuba diver ticket, but you have not dive in a long time, we will bring you back underwater. The refresher course allows you to comfortably takes part at in water activities without stress and danger. We offer two kinds of refresher depending on your own level of confidence.

Theory, Pool Session, 1 shore diveconfine water dive

If you haven’t dive for a long time or you fill that you have forgotten most of your training, we offer a full refresher. This course will take place during a day and we will get through all you had learnt in the Open Water Course and add a great focus on the control of your buoyancy.


We will meet at the pool and start talking about the basic theory behind diving. We will explain the 6 Rules of Scuba Diving and see how they apply to you. Once it is done we will review how to set your equipment and jump in the pool. We will then refresh all the Open Water Course skills and focus on the one where you are the most uncomfortable.

Once you will have build some confidence we will go for a shore dive to practice this skills in Open Water and, of course, to admire the underwater life.

The full refresher costs is $240 ($200 for 2 divers or more) and includes:

  • Pool fees
  • Equipment rental
  • 1 shore dive
  • 1 extra dive gear rental

After the course, you are welcome to join us at any club activity, the gear rental is complimentary for the first one!

Theory and Shore Dive

logo octopus in bucketIf you feel pretty confident with your skill but would prefer to review the basic skills with an instructor before going back into the water, we offer a basic refresher course directly from the shore dive site.

We will review a bit of theory and get our gear ready for a dive. In the water we will start with a few skills to update what you may have forgotten and then we will go for a fun dive, exploring the dive site and observe marine life/

The basic refresher costs is $100 and includes:

  • Equipment rental
  • skills practice
  • 1 shore dive

At any time after that you are welcome to join us during our club activity.