The Ammo Jetty clean up dive was a huge succes

Last Sunday has been a great day for diving. No less than 45 divers gathered to the Ammo Jetty clean up dive.

5 000 meters of fishing line picked during the clean up dive

We were not expecting such a success for that event but thanks to the great organisers Connor and Claire the day was a huge happening! Bucket List Diver, Arc Subsea, Perth Ocean, Sea Shepard Dive n Dry and Recfish met early in the morning to prepare the site and make sure to sign up the divers, prepare the dive gear and the safety equipment. At that time we were expecting to have about 30 divers, but a lot more join us for the clean up.At Ammo jetty clean up dive

We separated all those divers into two groups. A first group tackled the bottom of the jetty and the south side. The second group looted the shallow water of the jetty and the north side. With a couple of snorkelers at the surface, a safety boat provided by Sea Sheppard, Connor and Jaimie gears up at the surface, the dive was done in very safe conditions despite the risk of entanglement.

At the end of the clean up dive, we counted no less than 5000 meters of fishing line, 12 000 isolated objects, a dozen of hats, 6 chairs and numerous hooks and baits…A lot of cans were also presents, a trolley that we left alone. All this has been collected on a site not bigger than 1 000m².

Let’s all be responsible divers

It is easy to point fingers on who is responsible for this pollution. But we have to remember that we all have an impact on the sea. Every time we use plastic bags in supermarket, straws, plastic cutleries, we take the risk to get them in the sea one day. Quite probably this objects will not finish in Ammo Jetty, but they will end up somewhere in the ocean, far from our sight but still endangering the marine life. What we have picked today is literally only  a drop in the ocean; we can not protect the Sea from underwater, only our action on land have a real impact on the future of the sea.

Dive Briefing Ammo Jetty


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