If you are looking to become a new Open Water Scuba Diver or if you are looking to improve your skill in becoming a Advanced Scuba Diver or Rescue Scuba Diver, Bucket List Diver offers courses to fit your need. Bucket List Diver is a small dive school founded by Kate and Antoni. After years of experience in the scuba diving industry as PADI instructors, we wanted to offer our competences from a different perspective.

We are teaching a professional and personal course that will allow you to become a certified diver and travel the world with your new ticket.

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How do we organise our courses at Bucket List Diver?

Our courses are based on an online theory course that you can do in your own time prior to joining us for the practice part over 2 days, that will be done in group from 2 to 4 students. With small groups, this gives you more time with your instructor and you don’t start freezing in the pool waiting for your buddies to finish a skill. It also gives more time in order to help you with problems (as fear of removing your mask underwater) without feeling rushed by schedule.

Our courses start on Tuesday and Saturday, but if you have particular timing and you are booking the course for 2 students or more we can arrange the course around you own schedule.

Dive Perth with Bucket List Diver and your friends

Our prices are degressive if you are bringing a mate to dive with you. For example our Open Water Course is only $400 dollars if 3 of you are booking the course!

The courses are fully inclusive and without hidden cost. We want you to commit into diving after your open water courses. A lot of dive shop considers that forcing or pushing you to buy gear is the way to make you come back. We don’t like this approach. Take a minute to have a look on Gumtree and see how many people are selling gears they bought just after course because they don’t really suit their needs. We consider it is more convenient to rent gear at first, discover what you like and dislike and buy gear when sale are on. Consider also that buying a full set of gear is generally interessing when you do more than 50 dives a year, otherwise, maintenance fees can be overwhelming.

Our tip : Before signing for a free scuba course when you buy a full set of gear, we suggest to check a merchant scuba gear site like Adreno to verify you are really getting a good deal. Chances are you will come back to us.

For us, the best way to make you commit to scuba diving is to offer an awesomely good experience based on solid underwater technics. That’s why we are teaching with NASE and offering 4 students courses. We also are taking care of you after the course…

What happens after the course?

As our name indicate we wish to share our passion for travelling and discovering new spots, activities and culture. In order to do this, we can offer to organise Dive Travel and motivate you to take part. Place as close as Busselton and Rottnest Island offers awesome dives for beginner and advanced divers. We also wish to bring you further thanks to our experience in differents places as Fiji, The Great Barrier Reef and Ningaloo Reef.

More importantly, we just meet during the weekend and we bring some gears on dive sites close to Perth and Fremantle. Those dive sites are easy and fun, once you will have done them a few times you will be able to dive by yourself! So if you want to dive Perth, join Bucket List Diver.

Why did we choose NASE

We also choose to teach NASE courses. At the difference of other dive education organisation, NASE gives your instructor plenty of flexibility to organise his course for the best interest of his students. NASE doesn’t require us to practice dangerous skills in Open Water, so you are never out of sight of your instructor underwater. But the most important point of NASE education is its focus on the control of buoyancy. At the end of the course, we expect you to “swim like a fish, not like an ape”. This makes a huge difference on how you will dive in the future and how much pleasure you will get from it.