For Bucket List Diver's first international dive trip, we aim very high with one of the best Wreck Dive in the world: President Coolidge. Located in Espiritu Santo, the second biggest Island of Vanuatu, President Coolidge is one of those dives that ranks very highly on top of Scuba Divers' bucket list.

That's why we chose to offer you a trip to this paradise Island in June 2018, best season to visit the place! We will leave from Brisbane the Tuesday 5th of June and come back the 11th of June.


Best Wreck, Best Night Dive!

This dive trip is going to tick off a few boxes on your Bucket List. For a start, the main dive is a world famous dive site for Recreational Divers and Tec Divers. The story of President Coolidge is quite rich. She was a fine cruise ship, sold to the American Navy for a dollar and used for transporting troops and equipment. As she was heading back to the safe harbor, the captain hit a sea mine. In the panic, he hit a second one. To save the ship and its passengers, he decided to ground it, saving 5000 passengers and only losing 3.

With time, the wreck started to sink and finally laid down on the sloppy sea bottom, starting at 18 meters and reaching more than 60 meters.

That's the short story, the local divemasters will tell you much more about the history of that glorious ship, but what you can remember is that the boat was a luxurious cruise ship full of military equipments when it sunk! So the dive is rich in artifacts. The famous cargo 2 is loaded with Jeep and vehicles still waiting to be deployed.

The Wreck is also a deep dive. We will take the time to get you comfortable, and the experience divemaster will assess you to know how deep you can go. Day after day, we will get a little bit deeper and if you want you might reach the 50 meters mark!

The Night Dive on President Coolidge is also quite exciting. The dive will begin at dawn. We will descend with a little bit of light in one of the cargo bay. Once we will be settled, we will turn off our light and just observe peacefully the dance of the thousands of flash fish living in the wreck. A unique experience that takes your breath away.

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Million Dollar Point and Aese Island

Besides the Wreck, Vanuatu is also home to a unique and exciting dive site. The Americans could not bring back the hundreds of jeep after WWII and did not succeed to sell them to the French at the time. So they decided to build a Jetty and drive them off to the sea creating another particular place. Hundred tons of iron are now rusting at the bottom and house a wild variety of life. It makes for an unforgettable dive that will be much welcome after a few days of deep diving!

To make that dive trip definitely outstanding, we decided to finish on a boat trip to Aese Island. This private island will be our personal playground, with a couple of warm and easy dives, a good chance of Manta Ray watching and hopefully, a bit of luck will help us to see the local dugongs. With a lunch on the beach, with a traditional pig on the spit, it will be the perfect end for this trip.

Accommodation, Day Trip and Discovery

We will stay at a nice hotel not far away from the President Coolidge Wreck, pool, restaurant, bar and museum are presents at our hotel. The rooms are spacious, clean and recently renovated. Check the video for a little tease.

Our package also includes a trip to Champagne beach and the Blue hole. A perfect day trip, that will do between two dives. Vanuatu is not yet famous for it, but its land activities are astonishing. Non-divers will find plenty of things to do. Just imagine Bali 30 years ago. On our last day, you can also join us to explore the local caves for an adventurous expedition. 

All breakfast and lunches are included and 4 dinners but you also have some time to try the local restaurant and explore the island. Between two dives you will get 5-6 hours to degas. Some will enjoy a day at the beach, others will prefer to visit the local villages. The hotel is central, so you can walk to town or use the shuttle to discover the local people and their welcoming culture.


Cost and services included

Dates: leaving from Brisbane the 5th of June and back the 11th of June

Our package includes :

  • Return Airfares, transfers ex Brisbane
  • 6-night Accommodation at the Espiritu Hotel (twin share)
  • 8 shore dives with guides
  • 2 dives on Aese island
  • Land tour to Champagne Beach & Blue Holes
  • All Breakfast, lunches and four dinners

Price : $2,945

You will need your dive gear, your Open Water Certification, travel insurance, pocket money for drinks and souvenirs.