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Sodwana (South Africa) 7 Nights/6 Days Scuba Dive and Safari Ex Durban

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Embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure!

Are you prepared to embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure? Look no further than the captivating shores of Sodwana Bay, where the convergence of pristine turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a plethora of marine life sets the stage for an unparalleled experience. This meticulously crafted small group adventure is centered around fostering connections and providing unparalleled attention. Throughout your journey, you’ll be accompanied by both an Australian tour host and a knowledgeable local dive guide, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience from start to finish.

Your voyage begins with the luxury of private airport transfers from Durban, setting the tone for a journey marked by comfort and convenience. Your accommodations for 7 nights will be within charming thatched rondavels, offering twin share ensuite spaces that blend traditional aesthetics with modern comfort. Each day, savor the delight of breakfast on the beach, delectable snacks, and a sumptuous 3-course dinner, complemented by light lunches on your safari days.

The adventure seamlessly merges the world of diving and wildlife exploration. Traverse the landscape in your private open game safari vehicle, soaking in the sights and sounds of the remarkable game parks. The itinerary offers the choice of 10 dives paired with 1 game drive or 8 dives with the inclusion of 2 game drive days, contingent upon weather conditions. The necessary equipment, including steel tanks and weights (available in 10/12/15L sizes), will be provided. For those who prefer, there’s an option to rent gear locally (ZAR400 per day) or opt for Nitrox fills (ZAR125 per fill).

While the breathtaking underwater realm of Sodwana Bay beckons, your experience is further enhanced by the presence of an Australian host and a seasoned local dive guide. Their expertise ensures that every dive is not only safe but also a chance to witness the very best that Sodwana has to offer. The convenience of private airport transfers, a dedicated boat, and an exclusive game vehicle creates an environment where your needs are catered to at every turn.

Imagine the rhythm of “eat – sleep – dive” akin to a liveaboard experience, but with the added luxury of a comfortable room, a refreshing pool, and delightful 3-course dinners. After each day’s adventures, indulge in the offerings of the cash bar and perhaps engage in a friendly game of pool.

April emerges as the ideal window for this expedition, bringing forth Sodwana’s most favorable weather conditions: exceptional visibility exceeding 20 meters and inviting water temperatures hovering around 25 degrees Celsius. Even in the event of inclement weather, the journey remains enchanting as you pivot towards engaging game drives. The flexibility to replace dive days with additional game drives, though incurring extra charges, ensures that every moment of your voyage is tailored to perfection.

Diving in South Africa’s coastal waters presents challenges due to ever-changing swells and winds. This expedition suits experienced divers who are prepared for these conditions. The unique aspect of launching and landing directly from the beach, without a conventional pontoon, adds to the adventure’s allure.

However, the challenges yield remarkable rewards. In Sodwana Bay during April, you’ll witness a vibrant underwater spectacle. Imagine vibrant coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life – a ballet of colorful fish, graceful rays, and even serene turtles. The clear April waters, with visibility exceeding 20 meters and temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius, offer an optimal setting for this aquatic experience.