Bucket List Diver offers courses from Open Water to Rescue Course in Perth. We want you to learn diving, love the underwater world and become a responsible scuba diver. In that regard, The Rescue diver course is an important step in the life of a diver.
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Become a Rescue Diver

During your travel and dive experiences, you might have realised that there is some risk in scuba diving and you want to become the best dive buddy you can be. The Rescue Diver course allows you to be more aware and responsive in a situation with a dangerous outcome. It is a challenging course where you will have to be involved mentally and physically. But at the same time, we will keep a great part of fun so diving never becomes a chore or boring.

At the end of the course, you will be more confident in your personal skills and dive accident knowledge. You will also have practice in common dangerous situations in open water conditions, so reflex will kick in real life.

From Kate and Antoni's personal experience, the rescue diver course brings you the knowledge that you will need in your diver life. So it is never too late to do it. Even a very experienced advanced diver would still benefit from doing the Rescue Course.

What is our Course Organisation

The Course consists of a pool session and 2 or more dives in a small group of 2 to 4 students. As usual, we will start with Online Theory that will give you the keys to understand what we are doing. On the first day, we will practice skills from the shore and underwater. Practising in a safe environment and with adequate visibility will give you motor skill and control. The second day we will head for two shore dives that will put in practice 2 underwater scenarios and put you through difficulties. Meanwhile, you should expect everything to happen as your instructor will involve other persons in the course to make it realistic.

The price of $470 is all inclusive :

  • Online Theory and booking without extra cost
  • Equipment rental, scuba tank and air fills for the entire time of the course
  • 2 shores dives
  • Certification fee is included
  • No equipment sale will be pushed or forced on you, we will only offer recommendations if you ask during the course
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Why Nase?

We choose to certify you NASE Open Water Scuba Diver. We believe that their approach of diving is the best we can offer today. NASE focus on the control of your buyoncy which is the key element of a good diver. Thanks to that you will float freely, be able to remove your mask without touching the  bottom and feel a lot more confident for you first dive. NASE is the National Academy of Scuba Educators and is recognized by all other dive agency.