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Great Barrier Reef Minke Trip 2023 Ex Cairns

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Scuba Diving With All Your Own Gear (Tanks and Weights Supplied) Priced per Person • Twin Cabin
Scuba Diving With All Gear (Hire Included) Priced per Person • Twin Cabin
Snorkeling Only Priced per Person • Twin Cabin
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Join us for Great Barrier Reef Minke Trip 2023 Ex Cairns 4D/4N

Not to be missed, snorkelers, freedivers, divers and ocean lovers are invited to join us on this once in a lifetime experience.

This special expedition to the Great Barrier Reef allows us to snorkel with the Minke Whale. Right in the middle of the Minke Whale migration, we will spend 4 days and 4 Night on Ocean Quest, Divers Den’s renown liveaboard. The objectives of the trip is to spot and swim with the famous “small’ Minke Whale. Divers Den is one of the few tourism companies with the permit to swim with them.

That’s not all, during the trip will smash some of the best dive sites that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer among them: Steve’s Bommie. It is one of my all time favorite dive sites that display what is best on the GBR. Part of the trip will indeed take place between Ribbon Reef 2 (North of Port Douglas) and 10 (a bit north of Cooktown). That’s way deeper north than your usual Cairns Dive Trip.

We do not advertise a specific amount of dives, as some time Minke whale interaction can last as long as two hours because they are extremely curious and playful. In a none Minke Whale trip, we aim to dive 4 times a day.

Kate and Antoni worked for a couple of years for Divers Den and Antoni was supervisor on Ocean Quest. We loved our time there and got an amazing amount of experience. The boat is comfortable, spacious and well organized. They also always make a point of having one of the best chef in the industry that will cater for you dietary requirements.

You can contact us to book the trip and pay a deposit, book directly over here or choose the Registration of Interest to get us your information and be contacted. To save your spot, a 30% non refundable deposit is required. Total amount is due the 7th of April 2023.