NASE stands for National Academy of Scuba Educators. There are many dive organisations around the world, but that one has been appealing Kate and Antoni for different reasons

Logo of NASE

Is NASE recognised World Wide?

Yes, of course! NASE has been accredited by EUF, the European Underwater Federation, certifying that its course is meeting the general standard of scuba diving. Thanks to your NASE certification, you will be able to dive everywhere in the world. At the end of your course you will get a c-card that you can get on your phone for free and replace when you lost it. Once you are certified it is easy to find back you Virtual Card, if need be, just by visiting the NASE World Wide Web site.logo of euf


Why does Bucket List Diver choose NASE?

The main reason is that NASE allows us to teach our course the way we think is better suited to our students. It allows us to give a quality course in 2 days and focus on the most important skill: buoyancy. For instance, some students may be a bit scared at first with flooding their mask in the first 15 minutes in the pool. We know that those students will get more comfortable to do this mask skills later in the course, so thanks to the NASE program I can change the order of the skills.

the octopus in a bucket logo

NASE approach of buoyancy teaching is also interesting and practical. For us, buoyancy should not be a skill but an all time exercise. You will have many skills to practice during your Open Water Course and with NASE we do these skills being neutrally buoyant. In other dive organisation, you will spend 15 to 20 minutes doing buoyancy skills, with NASE you spent you all time thinking about it.

Our objective is simple: “Dive like a fish, not like an ape” If from the start you take good habits, the rest will come very easily. Diving is not difficult, it is mainly common sense with a lot of practice.

Online course and The Green approach

Scuba Divers feel generally that they are close to the environment and want to protect the wonder of the underwater world. We are the witness of the change happening in place only a few can access and that make us aware of the sensitivity of the sea. It is only natural to bring that green approach into the course by offering a paperless Open Water course. We don’t give paper book, that you will discard after your course, but you still get an e-book that you can read on every machine.

The online course is also a great way to learn in the comfort of your own home. It is rarely an efficient learning technique to spend 4 or 5 hours in a classroom watching a video. With the online course, you progress at your rhythm, review the most important point and learn efficiently. More important, the time you have with the instructor is spent underwater and not in the classroom, which allows Bucket List Diver to offer a better deal.