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You now want to go deeper into your diving knowledge and explore new horizons. The advanced Scuba diving course offers you that training. Scuba diving is a passion that doesn't stop after your Open Water Course. Diving in Perth offers a lot of opportunities to progress and learn new thing about the underwater world.

At the end of your Advanced Scuba Diving Course you will be able to:

  • Navigate with and without compass
  • Go to 30 meters with an equally qualified buddy
  • Explore the Underwater World at Night Time
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The Advanced Course is a full-on 2-day course in a small group of 3 to 4 students. It is composed of 5 dives. NASE Advanced Course is quite different from other dive organisations. The main focus of the course is the deep dive and the navigation dive which will be repeated until you get comfortable 100% with these 2 skills. We don't want to just give you a taste of it, but a true and comprehensive experience. We also realise that not everybody arrived with the same experience into the Advance Course, so we make sure to put you up to date during our first dive.

As during your Open Water, you will first have to complete your online theory so you get the best of the scuba diving part of the course.

On the first day, we will prepare our two first dives in the morning. The first dive will be one of your choosing; the second will be the navigation. They will be done from a shore site depending on the weather. The same day during, we will offer a Night Dive.

The second day will be our adventure day and the exploration of Rottnest Island. With our partner, we will go for a couple of dives in this beautiful Rottnest Island near Perth. We will start the day with our Deep Dive, have a BBQ lunch and go for an another dive completing the Advanced Course.

At the end of the day, you'll be a NASE Advance Scuba Diver, ready to add a million experiences to your bucket list.

The NASE Advanced Course cost is $395 and include:

  • Online Theory pack
  • Equipment rental, scuba tank and air fills for the entire course
  • 3 shores dives and 2 dives in Rottnest Island
  • Certification fee are included
  • No equipment sale will be push or forced on you, we will only offer recommendation if you during the course

You'll have to be:

  • Open Water Diver (NASE or any other agency)
  • 15 years old
  • Complete a medical form
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NASE Advanced Course


  • E-learning Course
  • Two Day Course
  • Dive to 30 meters
  • Include 3 Shore Dives and 2 Boat Dives
  • All inclusive
  We choose to certify you NASE Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver because we believe that their approach of diving is the best we can offer today. NASE focus on the control of your buoyancy which is the key element of a good diver. Thanks to that you will float freely, be able to remove your mask without touching the  bottom and feel a lot more confident for you first dive. NASE is the National Academy of Scuba Educators and is recognized by all other dive agency.