Dive trip down to Busselton Jetty and the HMAS Swan

Bucket List Diver had the pleasure to host their first ever dive trip to the wonderful Busselton Jetty and the fierce HMAS Swan. 4 dives that our bubble makers are not going to forget soon.scuba diver

Our Dive trip to Busselton Jetty and the HMAS Swan

Busselton JettyWestern Australia coast is full of wonder for the dive community. From the tropical reef of Ningaloo and the fabulous wreck of the Lena, all divers can find their favourite spot. This weekend, we chose to explore two of the best sites of Geographe Bay: Busselton Jetty and the HMAS Swan.

So we drove on the Saturday morning from Perth and arrived in Busselton after a quick 3 hours journey. We met at the Dive Shed to get our trolley and prepare our gear. Four very experienced divers were joining Bucket List Diver for this first dive and a first timer came along to discover the joy of Scuba Diving. After  a good 30-minutes walk, we arrived at the dive platform, check our gears and briefed our divers. That’s when the fun reaDive trip Busselton Jettylly begin! The visibility that day was outstanding as you can notice in our pictures. A bunch of our favourite fish were there, among them cuttlefish, scorpionfish and porcupinefish. After a good hour underwater, we came back for a couple of hour break, then went back for our night dive. Once again the conditions were fantastic and the night dive definitely memorable.

After all those adventures, we needed to drink a beer or two at the local pub and listen to a good band!




Explore the HMAS Swan

musselsThe HMAS Swan is definitely a worthy dive trip. The old warship deserved to be sunk and to be explored by divers. Sitting at 30 meters on a sand bed, life slowly crawled its way on the wreck. Little by little sponges, tunicate and soft coral are growing on the wreck and offer a very fancy place for fish to live. The visibility this day and the surface condition surpassed our best expectations. We separated our 5 experienced diver into 3 buddy teams. A few freediver swam around us, but the depths of the wreck were for us alone. It is quite a privileged to be alone inside the gigantic wreck!
HMAS Swan Wreck

I started my dive at the stern of the ship, where the propeller dug a hole in the seabed and observed the amazing quantity of fish living in that shelter. We kept exploring the stern and penetrated the engine room and diverse rooms of the ship. After a nice 40 minutes dives, we had to start our safety stop before reaching our no decompression limit.




After an hour break, we went for our second dive. This time our objective was the bow and the exploration of the inside of the ship. As the hull has been cut, you can easily explore it without risk of getting lost inside. We could also go from bridge to bridge using the old ladders and opening never designed for divers! At the end, we stopped at the wheel house, which offer the best view of the main bridge.

It was definitely an awesome dive trip and we thank all our bubble makers to have joined us for that trip. Cheers everyone and enjoy the photo albums on Facebook!wheel house, hmas swan


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