Help us Keep Australia Beautiful

It’s come to that time of the year with summer here and the silly season over. With the beautiful weather we’ve been having it also brings plenty of people to our gorgeous Western Australia’s beaches and this sadly also tends to bring with it RUBBISH!   Plastic, bottles, cans, straws, balloons, food wrappers and so […]

Woman Diver

Monthly Women Dive Morning

Join Kate and fellow female divers on our monthly Women’s Dive Morning.   One morning a month Kate holds a morning diving for women who dive in Perth. It’s a morning for women to get together, meet new divers, gain confidence in diving and share one great passion…diving (and food). While Antoni is left alone […]

That's a hair cut!

The real good reasons we love scuba diving (according to Kate)

Scuba diving has so many great advantages. It’s great for your health, self-esteem, physical fitness but is also lots of fun. Besides all of these advantages I have compiled a list of why else scuba diving is good for us:   Good for curly hair If you are blessed to have curly locks, then you’ll […]

Western Australia dives for your bucket list

With summer only a few months away, why not start planning your summer holiday diving around stunning Western Australia. Here’s our top 8 Dive Sites in WA worth ticking off the Bucket List (not in any particular order)   Navy Pier, Exmouth Voted as being one of the top shore dive sites in the world […]