That's a hair cut!

The real good reasons we love scuba diving (according to Kate)

Scuba diving has so many great advantages. It’s great for your health, self-esteem, physical fitness but is also lots of fun. Besides all of these advantages I have compiled a list of why else scuba diving is good for us:   Good for curly hair If you are blessed to have curly locks, then you’ll […]

Western Australia dives for your bucket list

With summer only a few months away, why not start planning your summer holiday diving around stunning Western Australia. Here’s our top 8 Dive Sites in WA worth ticking off the Bucket List (not in any particular order)   Navy Pier, Exmouth Voted as being one of the top shore dive sites in the world […]

Winter Dive at Ammo Jetty

It was a calm yet overcast winter morning on Monday 7th July yet we had a keen and enthusiastic diver happy to join us for a fun dive at Ammo Jetty. Meeting at the car park, Kate went off to check the conditions while Antoni got started on setting up the gear and were not […]

Leanne Diving

Discovering Scuba Diving for the first time

It was a calm and sunny Australian day. The sea was flat and invitingly cool. The boat sped along the surface to the dive spot. Despite the calm, I inexplicitly became seasick and sat holding a bag, green-faced, on the deck. Kate looked at me with a mixture of concern and amazement that I could […]

women day

Women Dive Day

PADI International Women’s Dive Day is held all throughout the world on July 15th and so what better day to get a group of women together to celebrate diving, women in diving and just to have a bit of fun as well. We met at Ammo Jetty, one of the hot dive spots in Perth and […]